Left Behind:

Chrysler's Assembly Plant


Shot & Edited, 2010

In December 2008, one of the east coast’s last remaining automobile manufacturing facilities closed after nearly 60-years in operation. This student program captures the national implications of the plant closing and its impact surrounding Newark, DE. Students reveal the plant’s heyday, its promise for the University’s future and its legacy of accomplishment and pollution. We discover its patriotic contribution to the Cold War, the economic boom it brought to a sleepy Delaware town and six decades of persistent chemical contamination, left behind in the soil, water and air around the plant long after global economic trends forced it to close.

Doodle Do or Don't? 

A Designer Dog Debate


Produced, Shot & Edited, 2012


Puggles, Golden-Doodles and Schnoodles are part of the ever-growing list of designer dogs; hybrids with purebred parents. These canine creations tout one-of-a-kind looks, quirky portmanteau names and designer price tags. But the popular trend has with a dark side. From Australia to Amish Country, Doodle Do or Don't explores the accidental rise of the designer dog and the devastating impact it's had in the breeding industry.